About Us

LUMI is a Franco-Qatari sportswear luxury brand based in Paris and Doha.

The brand offers a complete range of clothing for sports practices with a versatile and unique style that is part of the “ATHLEISURE” trend: clothes to wear before, during and after sport.

LUMI proposes collections that combine aesthetics and easy-to-wear pieces with sculpting cuts and exclusive designs for men and women creating a perfect balance of style, comfort and sustainability, using technical  fabrics designed with recycled  yarn and high end materials enhancing performance with specific properties in order to make sure our leggings, shorts, tops and t-shirts present unique qualities for sports practices in all levels.

Part of our concept of a twist between tradition and modernity, LUMI also offers a new interpretation of the Abaya proposed in light textures of silk and breathable light materials inspired from the sportswear universe for a contemporary style putting together aspects from French haute couture and athleisure..

Beyond sports performance, LUMI promotes a way of life and invites you to take care of yourself while protecting what is most precious to us : our planet.

Inspire, exhale, inhale... let LUMI in!